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“Increase Your Lead Generation & Sales Automatically By Having Customers And Affiliates Do All The Selling For You!


The Secret Software For Network Marketers By Aron & Sharon That Allows You To:

  • Easily Sell And Deliver Any Type Of Product
  • Upsell Your Other Products And Offers
  • Integrate, Duplicate, And Share Funnels
  • Train Your Customers To Become Affiliates
  • Make Your Customers Promote Your Products
  • Works In Any Niche And For Any Funnel Type

A Proven Software That’s Been Used By 1M+ End-Users.
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Downline Builder Software

Join Our Other Customers That Have:


Generated Over $1M In Sales

+ Leads Generated

Active Funnel Systems

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

If you want to get more leads and sales in any business, whether online or offline, in one or multiple niches, with one or more opportunities, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

You will be able to generate more revenue and save time by simply having your customers do the work for you. Using our software, your customers will automatically be trained to generate leads for you, while using your tips and tricks to succeed themselves. A win/win, and best of all: they’ll thank you for it!

Right now, you are spending countless hours trying to generate new leads and sales. Whether you are trying the same things over and over again, or trying new things that simply don’t seem to work, you are not seeing the results you are hoping for and need for your business to grow.

You spend hours setting up products, email follow up campaigns, social media posts, building courses, sales pages, checkout pages, lead magnets, opt-in pages, webinars…

And when you FINALLY succeed and everything is in place… there’s not a single soul around to buy the incredible product that you’ve just spent countless hours on creating and building…

😭 You Are Creating, Selling, Training, And
Recruiting All By Yourself… Manually. 😭

There has to be a better way… And there is!

Hi, we are Aron & Sharon and over the past 8 years we’ve been working with some of the biggest names in the industry, on some of the largest downline builder installations seen online, and helped them grow teams into the 100.000’s, that generated millions of dollars in sales for those businesses & opportunities…

and now, it’s your time!

Aron & Sharon

The “Secret” To Success Lies In The Steps
Your Customers Take…

With This Downline Builder Software You Can:


Grow Your Business Automatically

By guiding customers through the steps that you want in your downline builder software system.


Generate 1000's Of High-Quality Leads

With our high-converting capture pages that are provided to your system members.


Help You Build Downlines In ANY Business

After showing your members step by simple step how to join those businesses on complete autopilot.

And the most amazing part:
It works in ANY niche and for ANY business opportunity, with this easy to use software.

Before you read on, we’re going to give you the secret to the software’s success, right now, just to get it out of the way.

Ready? The secret… is in the steps module.

It’s easy to add a few of your own products or affiliate products to your downline builder software setup and to start promoting it right away… But that is NOT where duplication and growth comes from, or the success all the other internet marketers have had with the software. The software is completely built out for you – a “simple” point and click software YOU can configure without any coding but in the end…

The secret lies in the actions taken by members. 

Step 1: Welcome

Welcome members to your downline builder software setup and instruct them to join your Facebook group, follow you on social media or any other first step you want them to take.
This is the first step to success.

Step 2: JOIN/Access Products

Show members the products you want them to join or access.  Add a video explaining how to join/find them, and save their affiliate id within your setup for their downlines to join and get commissions through if needed.

Step 3: Members Area Tour

Give members a tour around your downline builder system. Show them where to find THEIR funnel pages, and show them where they can see their leads, members, and access your resources & training.

Step 4: Traffic

This is the secret sauce: Traffic. 

After members are welcomed, joined the products and know how to use your system, traffic is what makes them succeed.

Our Funnel System Works And Can Generate Traffic For ANY Business, Like We’ve Done Time And Time Again:

11 million visitors
1 million visitors

“Thanks to the Downline Builder Software, I created a team building platform that allowed me to get over 10k active members and generating over 14k leads in just 60 days.”

Diosnedy Pelegrin

⚠️ That’s A Conversion Rate of 71% ⚠️







Aron & Sharon Proudly Present:

Downline Builder Software

The All-In-One Funnel System That Helps You Grow Your Online Business!

Downline Builder Software

What Is Included With Your Membership Today?

You get everything you need to get started RIGHT NOW generating more leads and sales in your business:


The Steps Module

Easy to use and configure, the secret to success with the software lies within the steps module, and of course, it’s included with your order today.


The Funnel Module

You get beautifully designed funnel pages. This is what your members are going to send traffic to and use to generate leads through with ease.


The Lead Module

Leads generated through the funnel pages will end up within the leads module. From here, both you and your members can export and import these leads into your favorite autoresponder.


the Members Module

Gives you, the admin, full control over all members who join your downline builder system. Edit, delete and update members with ease.


the Resources Module

Allows you to offer members banners, Facebook posts, email swipes, and more all done for them. All they have to do is promote your team site.


the Training Module

Provide high-quality training to your members, from teaching them how to properly promote your downline builder software installation to the amazing courses you made… It’s all possible.

“Thanks to the Downline Builder Software I have 10x’d my traffic and leads. I was able to put my business on autopilot and my team was able to duplicate and grow into the thousands.”

Alfredo Delgado

We’ve Included Amazing Designs For Optin Pages And Your Members Areas With Your Membership!

Dashboard v2 Design
Capture Page 1
Capture Page 2
Lead Capture Overview
Backoffice Leaderboard
Capture Page 3

Addons To Extend Functionality

Included is a series of incredible Addons that allows you to easily add new features to your
Downline Builder Software powered website and downline builder system.


Extend your Downline Builder Software Site with a fully featured eCommerce add-on.
Sell your products, courses, subscriptions and more with ease.


Grow your sales through our affiliates add-on. This flawlessly hooks into the eCommerce add-on that allows you to split earnings with your members on autopilot. Set and forget.

Proof Popups

Use the Proof Popups add-on to show visitors of all (or selected) pages who just opted-in, became a member, or purchased a product. Proof of your success should be proven.


Challenge your members to generate new sales, leads, and members for your system and spark competition amongst them.
Game on!


Our Sponsor add-on enables a popup in the member area that contains the sponsor’s information. If a new member is referred to you, they can contact them directly if needed.


A fully integrated support system for your members to contact you. In a single page you’ll find all their messages, statuses, the ones you replied to and much more.


Alert members with a notification when they first login, the second time they login, or in between specific dates, with specific offers or anything else you’d like to show & tell them.


You know where the best traffic sources are to sell your product. Easily provide your traffic sources through this add-on to your members, and have them pay for your traffic!

Easily Integrate Your Favorite Platforms

The Downline Builder Software is built with you in mind. It software easily integrates with any software you might need both now, or in the future. The existing Downline Builder Software integrations are:

Aweber Integration
SendFox Integration
Stripe Integration Integration
WordPress Integration
Aweber Integration
Aweber Integration
SendFox Integration
SendFox Integration

But wait, there is more… 😏 

Get the most out of your membership today, we have included these bonuses to help you get started TODAY:

Video Setup Course & Guides

$997 Value – Included With Your Order FREE!

Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way to success, from start to finish!

Access 1500+ Swipe Files

$297 Value – Included With Your Order FREE!

Provide your members with high-converting swipes to promote your system with ease!

Get instant access to our database of swipe emails that you can easily use to work with your Downline Builder Software setup.

3500+ Domains Database

$197 Value – Included With Your Order FREE!

Choosing the right name for your Downline Builder Software installation can be difficult.

Get instant access to our tool that generates domain names and helps you chose the right domain name for your system!

A Downline Builder Software For Everyone

Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned professional, there’s a downline builder for everyone.

Get Downline Builder Software Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been working in this industry for over 10 years, and know what people ask the most.
Feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered, we are here to help you!


Are a domain and hosting included?

Yes, we’ll include a subdomain for you so you can get started right away and we’ll also setup and configure your DBS installation so you can get started right away after you place your order!


When do I get the product?

You will receive (near) INSTANT access to your Downline Builder Software instance. Create your account, start your subscription, and create a funnel system right away.


Do you guarantee success?

No. Plain and simple, no way around it: NO. Success in this business takes hard work and dedication, and you should steer clear from people who “guarantee success”. If you sit and do nothing, you won’t succeed. If you put in the work, you might succeed. Our software provides a vehicle to succeed, but it’s not the gasoline.


Do I need any technical skills?

One of the things we take pride in is that our customers do NOT need any technical skills. Even if you’ve never ran a team building software before, you can use Downline Builder Software to grow your business online.


Can I connect my autoresponder?

Yes, you can connect your own autoresponder. We currently have integrations for Aweber and SendFox, and many more to be added in the future. Is your autoresponder missing? Let us know and we’ll work on getting it integrated as soon as possible for your project.


Can I install this on my own domain?

Yes, you have to actually. Once you order the Downline Builder Software, you will be able to create your own funnel system inside your DBS members area. When done, you can modify it and connect an existing domain through a simple setup process – tutorials are available as well as support assistance to connect your domains :).

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